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This Saturday! MLC Service Project: Food Drive-By II

As you know, there are many in our community who do not have the food they need to feed their families, even more so during this time of extreme financial and health challenges.  We are organizing a “Food Drive By” so that members can donate critically needed food supplies to our local Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges.  This food will be delivered directly to local families in need. We are also collecting pet food for a shelter in Newark. WHEN: Saturday May 30, 3-4 pm WHERE: Parking lot at MLC HOW: Just drive into the parking lot at MLC and you will be directed where to park.   A volunteer from MLC or IFPO will remove your bag(s) with no contact. Adding to your local grocery list or shopping online, please assemble and bring one (or more) bags, each containing ALL of the items listed below to help feed one family for a week.  If you have any trouble finding items to complete a bag, let us know at the drop off and we will add them to your bag. The items you purchase will be supplemented with fresh produce and delivered to local needy families.   If you have any questions or would like to volunteer on 5/16 or 5/30 please contact: Jayne Nhaisi 973-216-9447 OR Sandy French 201-207-3313 We hope that you can all join us in this effort to help local families with food-insecurity.   Complete bags are made up of the following items: **** Non-Perishable and NO GLASS please ***

  1. two cans of soup

  2. canned tuna or chicken

  3. two cans of beans (red, black, kidney, chickpeas) 

  4. mac and cheese

  5. tomato sauce

  6. canned vegetables

  7. canned fruit or applesauce (no glass jars)

  8. peanut butter

  9. pasta or rice

  10. cereal or oatmeal (not high sugar) Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Special K, etc. OR a box of granola bars

  11. shelf-stable milk (boxed, canned or powdered)

  12. snack or dessert

Alternatively, IFPO will gladly accept bags/boxes/cases filled with one of the following items. (One item per bag will help avoid sorting foods, which is difficult with social distancing.) These items are in short supply in the pantry and are needed as much as complete bags.

  1. Rice

  2. Peanut Butter

  3. Cereal (not high sugar)

  4. Shelf Stable Milk (boxed, powdered or canned)

For information about IFPO or to make a monetary donation, please go to: Stay safe and healthy, friends!  We hope to see you on the courts very soon!

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