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Meet Our New Members!: The Clyburn Family

The Clyburn family joined the Maplewood Club at the beginning of 2020. One of our teen members, Ian, interviewed Julius Clyburn (15) to find out more about the family. IW: Hi Julius. I understand you and your family have joined the Maplewood Little Club. Why don’t you share a bit about your family. How long have you lived in Mapso? JC: For about 13 years. IW: Who else is in your family? JC: My brother Dexter, my sister Naomi, my mom Alix, and my Dad Jeff. And my dog Alfie. IW: Who's the best tennis player in your family? JC: Probably my mom. IW: Do you think your father would agree with that? JC: I think…? IW: Has any of your family ever attended the MLC tennis camp? JC: My and my brother have when we were younger, and my sister has recently. IW: What are you most excited about joining the club? JC: Good tennis courts. IW: Thanks so much Julius. See you on the courts Alix, Jeff, and their children have been involved in many sports, arts, and community events in their many years in Mapso. Among other local engagements, they have earned the reputation for being infuriatingly clever quiz masters as hosts of the Maplewood Middle School’s annual trivia night fundraiser. When not being sporty or otherwise recreating, Jeff works in the music industry and Alix is a senior copywriter at Audible.

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