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Big Improvements @ MLC

On the eve of our opening, I wanted to share with you the results of a large, multistage transformation of the club grounds spearheaded by our Grounds Trustee Bob Ehinger. At the beginning of the year, Bob took a comprehensive look at the issues to be addressed and mapped a multi-phase plan to deal with: delayed maintenance on our storage garage; drainage issues on the upper grounds negatively impacting the courts; safety concerns about the grading around the pickleball court; and the buckling of the tiered retaining walls. In addition to these issues, there was general grounds maintenance work to be done in the flower beds, and lastly, Bob had the courage to try and tackle the storage area by the basement steps where, as he put it, “old grills go to die”.

The project included:

  • A new stone step path from upper patio to basement

  • The renovation of basement steps, removal of bulkhead doors and installation of a metal railing

  • New underground drainage system to direct water from the upper property away from the courts

  • A renovation of the storage garage at the top of tennis lane

  • Re-planting of the large flower bed at the club entrance

  • Rebuild of the retaining walls along courts one and two

  • New retaining walls at the foot of the pavilion

  • Clearing of the shrubs above court three

  • Painting of the fencing around the courts

The was clearing, weeding, hauling, painting and power-washing happening at the club daily for the past three months. A small army of volunteers - working safely and at a distance - all helped this happen. Please join me in thanking our many volunteers listed below. Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.

Ellen Chen & Rebecca Rittgers

The Bigelow Family

Andrew & Gail Haines

Paul & Megan Hartly

Frank Rimalovski

Tim McGlinn

Nancy Caravetta & Marla Zucker

David Carlson

Andrew Lee

Nancy, Miles & Kevin

Kirsten Baer

Sarah Plavinsky

The Friedman Family

Tim Roebuck

Jayne & Ethan Nhaisi

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