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Meet Our New Members!: The Mann Family

Meet the Mann family - Danielle, Josh, Lucy (13), Celia (11) and Hallie (9). Celia and Hallie were both participants in the MLC camp last summer and take lessons locally. All three kids are soccer players, and Celia has survived Robyn Friedman’s coaching for years . Josh plays (or tries to play) mediocre to reasonably competent tennis 2-3 times a week when there are not worldwide pandemics. Lucy is in 7th grade at SOMS and Celia (5th grade) and Hallie (3rd grade) are at South Mountain. Danielle and Josh are both born and raised in SOMA (not MAPSO), CHS grads and the kids are 4th! generation in town. Danielle is a marketing executive at Hearst while Josh owns a real estate development company and is a recovering lawyer. 

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